Sunday, 6 August 2017

I just can't get enough of stockings and suspenders by Diva Agency

I've always had a bit of a fetish for women in stockings and garter belts.  I think it goes back to when I was a child.  I was maybe six or seven and on holiday with my parents and my aunt and uncle and their family.  We were all squeezed into a caravan on one of those purpose built sites.  We had great fun, on the beach during the day and then at the camp club during the evenings.   Mum and her sister would get all dressed up and I'd sit and watch them put their make up on.  
One night we were all getting ready as usual and there was the usual chaos in the caravan.  I was ready and sitting quietly waiting for the others.  I felt a little thirsty and so I went into the kitchen area to get myself a drink. The door to my aunt and uncle's bedroom was slightly open and I could see into the tiny space.  There in front of the mirror was my aunt.  She had one leg up on a stool and was slipping a stocking onto her foot.  I watched mesmerised as she rolled the nylon up her leg, smoothing it out and making sure that the seam which ran the whole length of the back was straight.  Once she was satisfied that it was perfect, her deft fingers manipulated the little clips which hung from her garter belt to fasten the stocking in place.  She then repeated the whole procedure with the other leg slipping the glistening black nylon onto her leg.  Even though she was my aunt I was completely fascinated as I watched her putting on these most intimate garments.  Then the magic was gone as she covered them with some sort of lace edged slip.
For the rest of the holiday I tried to manoeuvre myself into the same position each evening, but much to my disappointment the door stayed firmly shut.   As I grew up and matured, I never quite forgot that incident and so whenever I came across a female who was wearing stockings and suspenders I was immediately hard.  Unfortunately this didn't happen that often as women much preferred the ease and practicality of tights. 

Now whenever I request an escort to accompany me on one of my business dinners I always ask for them to wear stockings and suspenders.  Just the knowledge that their clothes are concealing sexy lacy topped stockings is enough to lift my mood.  Just the fleeting touch of the little nubs of the suspender clips is enough to send blood racing to my crotch and a glimpse of the dark lace as it meets the softest and creamiest of flesh is enough to send delicious shock waves coursing round my body.  As I sit across from my date during dinner my imagination runs riot.  Imagining feeling the silkiness of the nylon cocooning her shapely legs.  Imagining feeling the difference in textures between the lace tops and the smooth flesh of her upper thighs.   And if I get to touch them for real - then that's a perfect end to a perfect date. 

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